Russian oligarchs in London

Russian oligarchs

Two Russian oligarchs attempted to lift British sanctions

Two Russian oligarchs in Britain failed to lift sanctions on their yacht and planes. One of the oligarchs is a partner of Roman Abramovich, while the other is a developer.

Russian oligarchs Evgeny Shvidler and Sergey Naumenko lost appeals in Britain challenging sanctions that involved the arrest of their yacht and planes.

Russian oligarchs

This was reported by Bloomberg.

In particular, Roman Abramovich’s partner, Evgeny Shvidler, failed to obtain the cancellation of the arrest of his private planes. He stated that he faced “serious difficulties” because UK has arrested his plane and yacht.

The oligarch also attempted to deny being a close confidant of dictator Vladimir Putin. His lawyers plan to appeal the decision in the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the developer Naumenko, who is not under sanctions, lost an appeal regarding the detention of his superyacht Phi.

In his decision, Judge Rabinder Singh noted that he agrees that “sanctions are severe and indefinite. To make sanctions effective, Russian oligarchs will pay a serious price .”

Who is Evgeny Shvidler

Evgeny Shvidler is a business partner of Roman Abramovich, with whom Shvidler has maintained close relations for decades and from whom he derives financial benefit. Therefore, Shvidler is associated with a person involved in receiving benefits or support from the government of Russia, directly or indirectly owning or controlling Evraz plc and its subsequent subsidiaries: PJSC “Evraz NTMK,” PJSC “Raspadskaya,” PJSC “Evraz ZSMK,” PJSC “Evraz United Coal Company Southern Kuzbasscoal,” and PJSC “Evraz Kachkanarsky Mining and Beneficiation Plant”. He also conducts activities in sectors of strategic importance to the Russian government, namely: mining, construction, and transportation. Shvidler is a former non-executive director of Evraz plc. Therefore, Shvidler receives benefits or support from the government of Russia. He works as a non-executive director of Evraz plc, a company operating in sectors of strategic importance to the Russian government, particularly in the Russian mining sector.


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